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A. L. Copyediting: Taking Good Care of Your Words

I am Anita Coryell, an academic content editor who specializes in copyediting, line editing (substantive editing), word reduction, and fact-checking. Many of the articles I copyedit are written by authors whose first language is not English. I think of each word in context and measure its meaning against an author's intended meaning. You want your voice on the page, not mine, a goal that is shared by a thoughtful editor. My changes are suggestions, offered whenever needed. Your words are my livelihood, and that is why I take good care of them with careful and precise editing or proofreading of your academic article, research paper,  thesis, or book. I make certain your words are clear, concise, and grammatically correct.

For more information, email me: alcopyediting90@gmail.com.  You can also find me on www.LinkedIn.com/in/alc-editor

If you wish to review my work, I am always happy to edit a short sample that you provide. 


Subject areas include but are not limited to psychology, history, literature, social work, economics, global planning and development, and medicine. 

Editorial Services include but are not limited to the following:


Copyediting covers the five Cs, making your work clear, concise, comprehensible, consistent, and correct. It includes

Copy editing can be light to heavy and sometimes overlaps with line editing. 

Line Editing

Often called substantive editing, this step in the writing process occurs before basic copyediting. It considers

These factors form the basis of line editing.


This is the final stage of a document before it is shared and published, and everything must be perfect. It involves   

Every document needs to be proofread, whether it's a flyer, job application, research paper, or book. 


Words are everything. Once spoken or published, they cannot be pulled back. Our words memorialize us. This oft-quoted adage comes from Benjamin Franklin:

If you wou’d not be forgotten

As soon as you are dead and rotten,

Either write things worth reading,

or do things worth the writing.


Rates: Basic copyediting rates are $US25 to $US35 an hour, editing 5 to 8 pages an hour, which is about $US.04 a word. For calculation purposes, a page contains 250 words.  I am open to negotiation and need to see your work to make a fair estimate. 

Email me for an estimate: alcopyediting90@gmail.com

If you have a project you need copyedited, proofread, or developed, such as a resume, dossier, or journal review, contact me. I thrive on new projects. 

A. L. Copyediting Services: Your words, right